3-1/4" 7000C

3-1/4" frame commercial rated aluminum double hung for replacement and new construction applications
7000 series, Twin Double Hung with Common Jamb 2

Product Features


  • Windows are tested to AAMA standards
  • 7/8″ insulated glass
  • Typical commercial thermal ratings met with standard glass packages
  • Mulls with all 3-1/4″ frame depth operable and fixed windows
  • Factory assembled, common jamb mull upgrades structural integrity and accelerates installation
  • Double sashes enable optimum airflow and tilt-in to permit cleaning of all surfaces from the inside
  • Full length integral lift handle for ease of operation
  • Double spiral balances in larger size windows for increased sash performance
  • Frame design permits half-screen removal to the interior only—avoiding accidental fall-out
  • Structurally, thermally and acoustically tested and certified

Standard Hardware

  • Die-cast locks and keepers
  • Anti-drift latch
  • Spiral or block and tackle balances
  • Limit stops as necessary for opening restrictions or to affix top sash for single-hung operation



  • DoD Minimum Anti-Terrorism Std. compliant glass and hardware package per UFC 4-010-01
  • Internal(GBG), Interior, & Exterior Simulated Divided Lites (SDL)
  • Exterior Applied in-frame profiled grids are widely approved for Historic applications
  • Dual and triple low-e configurations for increased thermal ratings
  • Available with equal leg, 1″ New construction fin or 1 1/2″ Flange frames
  • Custom integral flange frames to meet unique installation conditions
  • Full range of tested and approved STC & OITC results for increased Acoustic ratings
  • Full Screen as 2×1/2 screen configuration for ease of interior removal
  • Stainless Steel Vandal screens enhance child safety & limit exterior damage
  • Operable blinds-between-the-glass reduce maintenance time  & eliminate child cord hazards
  • Single Hung operation available with removable top sash

Optional Hardware

  • Stainless steel lock and keepers
  • Sill auto latch
  • Ultra-lift balances
  • WOCD (re-engageable limit device)
  • NYC DOH approved limit stops
  • Trickle ventilators

Product Summary

ModelFrameTest SizeAAMA RatingWater psfU-Value RangeSHGC Range
7000C DH3-1/4"4'6" x 7'6"H-C508.25.37 - .62.60 - .20
7000C DH3-1/4"4'0" x 6'0"H-C609.0.37 - .62.60 - .20
7500 Fixed3-1/4"6'0" x 6'0"F-C7012.0.28 - .54.71 - .21

Product Details


Commercial 3‑1/4″ 7000C

Product Summary & Performance Data

7000C7000C7500 Fixed
AAMA Rating
Test Size
4'6" x 7'6"4'0" x 6'0"6'0" x 6'0"
Frame Depth
3 1/4"
3 1/4"
3 1/4"
Insulated Glass Thickness
Structural Load (psf)7590105
STC Range29-3829-3828-37
OITC Range24-3324-3322-31

Series Drawings