A Win-Win Proposition

What sets WinTech apart from other commercial window providers is our manufacturing team. From our sales professionals and design engineers to our glass installers, everyone on the job puts our customers first. We’re problem-solvers and can work with almost any specification, no matter how difficult, and we go the extra mile time after time. 

Over the years, hundreds of commercial and residential customers have turned to WinTech, trusting us with their building projects. Our custom manufactured aluminum windows offer the high performance, thermal protection, and acoustic ratings required by today’s architects and builders.

At WinTech, we continually invest in developing new manufacturing processes to upgrade our windows to meet the construction industry’s demand for higher performing window products. All our windows are custom built in our facility in Malta, NY and we work with regional companies whenever we can to support our New York State economy.

How Green Is WinTech?

The U.S. Green Building Council has established a Green Building Rating System identified as LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design). LEED provides a basic system for evaluating building performance and meeting sustainable site development, energy efficiency, materials selection, water savings and indoor environmental quality. 

All WinTech aluminum extrusions are processed from Keymark aluminum billets, consisting of a recycled content of 64%, which meets LEED requirement 4.1, worth one credit point. Another benefit: Keymark is located less than 40 miles from the WinTech facility, lowering the impact of emissions from transportation. While increases for materials for LEED-Certified buildings can be 20-30%, the price of thermally improved WinTech windows rises only 10-15% to achieve a greener standard.

WinTech relies heavily on a lean manufacturing process. This eliminates waste in all areas of operation. Our facility, built in 1996, was designed exclusively for window production and generates a favorable airflow, which improves thermal efficiency. Energy efficient lighting is installed in all offices and workstations. We have formal recycling programs for aluminum, cardboard scrap, and office supplies. The company reuses wood pallets and lumber used in packaging. Batteries, oil, oil filters, tires, toner and ink cartridges, and computers are also recycled.

All WinTech personnel are informed of Embodied Energy and the Green rating to optimize material, reduce waste and positively impact the environment.